Hi, Welcome to my website.

I am Atuki, a Women’s Activist and I have achieved success as co-founder of MIFUMI, now one of the largest grassroots-based agency, working to end violence against women in Uganda. I have a legal background which I have used strategically and creatively.

Working to end violence against women

Most of you might know me for my campaign on bride price that culminated in the landmark Supreme Court ruling that outlawed bride price refund in 2015. Did I say success? When violence against women still rages on?  Well through MIFUMI’s work, thousands of women have become empowered to resist it. That’s success.

Poetry and Writing

I raised myself on words. I am also an African Poet, a playwright and a novelist, in that order, according to my A’Levels pass slip. I write primarily for my pleasure but in later life, when I started writing essays, it was to try and influence others.

Finding yourself in order to give to others

After 20 years of work in gender and development do I count myself a success? What is success? I’ve come to realise that the important thing in life is finding yourself and your unique gift and how you can use this to make a difference in the lives of others. It is from such a location that you are likely to find happiness and to spread that happiness to others.

African Women’s Village Podcast

I want my podcast – the African Women’s Village – to become the largest social media platform for rural women. Through this podcast, I will discuss gender and development, human rights, and what works. I will interview African women who have used their personal gifts to locate themselves in society in a way that adds meaning to life and aids development.

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